Q: Where do I find the input value for CBTO?

Answer by: Charlie

GRT has gotten hundreds of complaints that there is no entry field for CBTO, even as a storage only parameter for future reference when repeating the users load.

The set answer is - A distinct field for CBTO is not considered because it will use up valuable screen space needed for parameters that actually will be used in the simulation calculations. However, it is a simple matter for the user to add a Notes Tab to the results, where the user can enter any data to his hearts desire. It is simply a matter of using the tools provided.

Since the ogive slope is different for every bullet model compared to every other bullet model, it is impossible to construct the GRT simulation to use CBTO as the combustion chamber determining parameter. Jam point will vary from bullet type to bullet type because of the ogive slope, so it is up to the user to record CBTO in a Notes tab, and or place a note in their user bullet file. There are too many non simulation specific data parameters already in GRT, so it is extremely unlikely a space will be made available for another non simulation data point.

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