How can I help to keep / check the powder models up to date?

The user is able to share theyr real-world measurements of theyr load development with the GRT Lab. This can be velocities only or both, velocities and pressures. Any data is helpful, even just one velocity measurement of one charge!

  • The data is used to CHECK and keep the powder models up to date.
  • This does NOT mean that automatically any user measurement influences a powder model!

What do i have to do?

  • Just add an measurement tab with the charge weights corresponding to your measured velocities into your grtload file, like in the picture below and send your file(s) to our LAB using the GRTLab Plugin described here.
  • If you have additional informations, you can add pictures, notes and so on.
  • If you have institute measurements, please add an anonymized scan/picture/pdf.
  • Each file is reviewed by our team manually and further processed using our analyzing software.

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