When will be powder XXX be available in GRT?

In general the powder model maintenance for existing powders and the powder model development of new powders are done by the GRT Laboratory (Gordon & Charlie). The maintenance process is the ongoing continuous quality check against our own real world measurements of velocity and pressure, and additionally, against submitted user measurements. User measurements are extremely useful in refining the quality of the powder models. Users can submit their measurements by uploading grtload files using the GRTLab-Plugin of GRT. The process of development of new powders depends greatly on the collaboration of the powder manufacturers. The key is manufacturers detailed powder parameters, including closed vessel, and energy measurements. Many (mostly European) manufacturers are willing to collaborate, but unfortunately several not.

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In cases where a manufacturer has not provided data, GRT has developed a process to reverse engineer the powder and build a new model from User and GRTLab collected data.

In some cases we are NOT able to get hands on a specific powder, or we do not have the correct rifle/cartridge available needed for calibration work. In those instances we depend on User participation for the calibration data gathering. If you want to start a new powder model and willing to participate in the process, please read this FAQ entry how you can help developing a new powder.

The whole process for the maintenance of, and development of powders models creates a huge amount of work. The costs are only partially covered by your patreon support. Please understand that the process of developing new powders, and the maintenance of existing ones, is now scheduled, because the Patreon coverage, and the voluntary personal time, is somewhat limited. We are unable to increase our efforts more towards this project. We do our best to provide and maintain the powder models.

Thank you, Gordon, Charlie

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