Q: Has there been a thought to add what primer is being used?

Answer by: Gordon

There is no specific input value for primers, to calibrate your local reality to the simulation you use the “Initial Pressure (IP)” value and/or the “OBT-Tool”.

Answer by: òÔlðÆ¡&C«ì¶ò7Éïa (Discord-User)

The Initial Pressure value is supposed to cover that, but it's more of an estimate from the wizard. It's a catchall for all the variables involved with starting the projectile. What I've been doing with it after initial testing is adjusting it until the velocity in the GRT loading steps matches what I'm seeing on the chronograph.

This was from an initial test where I only started seeing slight pressure signs on the last set

When I adjusted the initial pressure lower to match the chronograph, my slight overpressure load matched up right with the top edge of SAAMI spec.

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