Gordons Reloading Community

professional modern reloading simulations


With our GRT you can simulate the exact behaviour of a modern nitrocellulose based powder and projectile inside a barrel.


Extensive databases help you to find the right powder, bullet or specification you wanna build your charge on.

Multilanguage Support

The software is currently available in German and English. Other languages will follow. If you want to provide help, come to our discord server!

From reloaders for reloaders. It's free

A lot of stunning feature for your daily use as a reloader. Yes! The software is free of charge. All you have to do is register and download.
We have our place for discussion and help in the (german) Wiederladeforum : https://www.wiederladeforum.de/index.php?board/213-gordons-reloading-tool-grt/
Or chat with us on the "Let's Shoot" Discord: https://discord.gg/8xUUwa3