GRT-Plugin "GRTrace"

The “GRTrace” client software and the starter-plugin is part of every GRT version (currently Windows only).

GRTrace is a full featured, standalone client software for strain gage based, direct on rifle/barrel pressure measurement systems and comes with an additional starter-plugin for GRT. GRT supports directly the recorded traces made with GRTrace and can overlay the pressure curves onto the simulation curves. GRT supports also the direct import of traces made with GRTrace into a measurement tab and can reference that automatically with the simulation setup.

GRTrace currently supports the product "PressureTrace II" by RSI and is a direct replacement for the original software that comes with the device, other may follow.

A strain gage is a small foil-type sensor with a fine conductive grid on its surface and used to measure strain on an object.

The gage is glued on a barrel and as steel around the barrel expands by pressure, the gage is stretched. The stretching causes a small resistance change of the gage, which can be measured. A oscilloscope-like measuring device samples these changes at a high frequency and stores it in a memory buffer. The raw data of around 3 Milliseconds is then automatically downloaded to the PC via a serial connection where it is analyzed and plotted by GRTrace.

  • GRTrace implements the latest technology/equations for calculation
  • With GRTrace you can enter your specific material specs of your barrel if known and it will calculate the pressure values from the raw data according to your specific barrel.
  • You can record as many traces into one grtrace-file as fits on the screen.
  • For calibration GRTrace provides a simple and easy to use calibration factor value called “theta”.
  • GRTrace has a built-in simulator which simulates measurement hardware connected to a virtual rifle for evaluation/testing.
  • GRTrace provides audio-commands and messages which helps you to record multiple shots in a string (Gordons voice, currently english only).

The Main Window - "All traces" view

This is how GRTrace appears after start with an opened file. In the screenshot is the tab “all traces” selected, which shows all recorded traces together. GRTrace creates an average trace curve automatically and all important statistical data is displayed.

A single trace

You can move area cursors in your trace to determine the area under the curve. The area under the curve is useful to compare the delivered energy of multiple trace records.

Barrel presets

You can store several barrel presets of different rifles or barrels.

GRT curve overlay

After import of a grtrace file, you can overlay the pressure curves onto the simulation for analysis.

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