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The GRT Patreon website is being deactivated April 1, 2023. GRT is still viable, and efforts are underway to continue and improve its functions. Distribution will continue via this website.

It is advisable that prospective account registrations be preceded by clearing your browsing data.
In Chrome that is “Settings”, “Privacy and Security”, and select “Clear browsing data”.

Then please watch this video.

Hit the browser Back button to return to this page.

Hint1: If you open this website in a second web browser tab, you can follow the video in one tab and register in the other.

Hint2: Some email servers (mostly private types) will trash the GRTools Notifications emails without even sending them to a Junk or Spam folder.
I would suggest in these instances that prospective GRT Users get signed up with a free email service like Gmail.

Hint1 Clear your browser cache, cookies, temporary files etc. Just do it so I do not have to answer so many emails about the new password not working.
Hint2: You should be able to find your original password by searching your email client unless you deleted the original “” or “” email.
Hint3: If you need help in a language other than English, please join the GRT Discord where Users from many countries are available.

If you know your Username, but not your Password, you can request a new Password at the bottom of the registration page.
As soon as you see the green stripe announcing that a new Password has been sent, close your browser, and look for the new notification email.
When you find the new notification email (look in your Junk/Spam folder), click on the URL at the bottom.
That will relaunch the GRT website in your browser and a new notification email will be sent with a new Password.

If you should contact “” for assistance, please provide the Username from your account, and any Password you received after a password reset.
Sometimes the browser being used will use cookies when accessing websites, and old cookies may be invalid and cause strange results.
It is suggested that the browser cache, cookies, and temporary files be deleted if problems exist in resetting passwords. Additionally, changing to a different browser often cures problems being experienced.

If all else fails, simply create a new registration using a new Username. Multiple Usernames per single email addresses are allowed.
If you are getting the “Green” notification stripe on the registration page, and not receiving the “Notification”, it is likely that your email service is trashing emails from “”.
You can try to White List “” with your email service.

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that my husband Gordon passed away on January 19th 2022.

Until further notice, this site stays online. Please note that Patreon contributions have been paused.

Initially, no additional submissions should be made to the GRTLab, or Translations, as no one has access to service the data.
Therefore, it will be impossible to update Powder Models, Calibers, and Bullet to the GRT database as an official release until the possibilities of continuing Gordon's fine work are explored.

Take care!

February 2, 2022 - The current Windows versions has an End Date for the year 2048.

February 4,2022 - A new Linux version is available today with the end date set to the year 2048 similar to the Windows version.
This version is listed as V2040. It Shows V2040 on the File menu / About screen.
I was able to revive a VMWare Player, Linux implementation, locally after not having used it for a couple of years.
I was able to run the V2040 Linux version on it, and manually advance the system date to Jan. 18, 2046 before I received any out of date message on screen,
so it appears the single byte patch is working. I was able to perform a Save As to a .grtload file, and then open the original file.
Therefore, I believe the patched V2040 version for Linux is working as before.

March 15, 2022 - With the recent influx of new GRT users, a problem has appeared. It seems some email services are trashing the GRT Login Account Verification emails.
The prospective GRT User does not even get the verification email into their Junk/Spam folder as their email service trashes them before forwarding these emails.
GRT Verification emails are addressed as From: Prospective GRT Users need to white list emails from “”.
Affected emails services such as Earthlink, Comcast, Hotmail and ATC Broadband have been noted as problems.
We suggest that if problems of this type are experienced, the Prospective GRT User should get a free Gmail account for registration use.

May 9, 2022 - An additional account start up problem appears to be taking place. Some Users have reported that they do not receive a verification email.
The problem may be that the User is using part of his email address as a Username (i.e. “Gismo” when the User email address is “”)
When this happens, an account is generated, but the User does not receive the confirmation email with password.
Please avoid using any part of your email address as a Username.

June 8, 2022 - Reference to March 15, 2022 message above. The outgoing verification email address “” has been changed to “” in an attempt to bypass those email servers that may place “noreply” type addressing into Junk or Spam inbound folders. Never the less, prospective GRT Users should still check their Spam or Junk folder if the verification email with password is not received within just a few minutes. It has also been observed that sometimes a new Registrant has to use the “Set new password” login option in order to receive a password. This triggers a different routine to the password process. In this case the User should close his browser completely and just respond to the “Reset password email that should arrive shortly. Responding this way will open your default browser, and the next email from should contain a password.

July 2, 2022 - A small problem has been discovered in the Projectile Export function of the Linux version of GRT. This bug makes it impossible to share exported Projectiles with other Users as the Import function will fail. We have constructed a fix that will hopefully be available on the website download page in the near future. In the meantime GRT Linux Users can email “” or contact “Charlie” on the GRT Discord Server and he will provide a link to his Google Drive so the fix can be downloaded. This fix will be in the form of a archive file with extension .tar.gz. Once the archive is extracted the User simply replaces the GRT executable file in his current working folder with the new file. All other functions remain the same. It has been noted that when exporting Projectiles with the GRT Linux version, the export filename is missing the .projectile extension. Ensure that you add that extension name when doing Projectile exports.

Project Relations
Gordons Reloading Tool
Berlin, Germany

Language Dedicated User Groups

If you have a user group or forum dedicated to a specific language, then you can let us know and we will add the link to the list below.

  • The Reloaders Network
  • Precision Rifle Media

GRT simulates the behaviour of a modern nitrocellulose based powder and projectile inside a barrel.

A lot of stunning features for your daily use as a reloader. Yes! The software is free of charge. All you have to do is create a login and download.

Extensive databases help to find the right powder, bullet or caliber specification to build your charge on.

You can add additional information to your load file, like measurements.

GRT can import data from various chono's like MagnetoSpeed, Caldwell, ProChrono, Labradar, PressureTrace II. With Labradar GRT features the tracking analysis diagram which can be displayed too.

GRT lets you overlay a real world pressure measurement onto the simulation diagram!

GRT currently supports the import and overlay of measurements from the PressureTrace II system from RSI.

GRT can analyse and calculate your shot groups!

GRT lets you create a WildCat or a new Cartridge!

GRT is currently available in Afrikaans, Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian.

Other languages will follow. If you want to help, join our discord server!

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