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The GRT documentation/manual is available in different languages. This documentation is the same as the one shipped with GRT as internal help system and also as PDF file. The online documentation is always the newest of them all and updated to the published GRT versions.

The different languages have different maintainers and translators that voluntary update theyr work.

The english and german version is maintained exclusively by the GRT development team and always the reference/default.

Language ISO Maintained by Documentation PDF (may not be up to date)
english EN GRT Dev-Team User-Manual & Documentation grt-manual-2021-02-27-en.pdf
german DE GRT Dev-Team Benutzerhandbuch & Dokumentation grt-manual-2021-02-27-de.pdf
ukrainian UK Mykola Hryhoryan Посібник користувача та Довідник grt-manual-2021-02-27-uk.pdf

If you like to translate the User-Manual/Documentation to your preferred language, just write a message on discord to any GRT team member. We will create you a copy of a manual as starting point, then you can edit that here on this site whenever you want.

For translating the GRT program, just use the built-in Translation-Tool from the Help menu.

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