How-To translate the GRT program into another language

Answer by: Gordon

Thank you for getting into translation, let me point you to the built-in translation-tool you should use:

In GRT click on the menu “Help” and choose “Translate Application”. The Translation Tool will appear:

then click on the empty button behind “Destination Language” and choose (in example) french from the context menu

After that first choose from the Menu “File” the Item “Save as” and save the fr.locale file where you can find it later That is the file you should send me for compiling it into the sources later and it lets you interrupt the translation and continue later if needed. After selecting a destination language, you see the list with all strings that wants to be translated:

You can unfold each category and you will thee the string entries:

The Pen Icon indicates that the string is not translated yet or in case of a category that you have strings left todo To translate a entry, just enter the translated text into the lower text field.

  • Make sure that you dont miss any control characters used in the original, like brackets/braces.
  • DO NOT translate the text within curly braces, e.g. {value}!

For longer text you can copy it. To copy the text from source to the translation text field click into that upper text field and hit CTRL-A on the keyboard to select all:

Then hit CTRL-C to copy it to the clipboard, click into the lower text field and paste the text using CTRL-V.

If you are done, click on the button “next” or “Next unprocessed” and you can do the next one. save frequently by hitting “CTRL-S” or the menu item “save”

Note: the translation you create is not instantly available in the program, it has to be compiled into the sources, means you will send your finished “fr.locale” file and i will integrate it. I can send you then a test version of GRT which includes the translation.

If it is later needed to make changes to your translation you can do so at any time and version and send me the “fr.locale” file again.

To translate the entire manual it is a different story. Translating the documentation can be done online on the grtools.de website.

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