The Developer Team

Gordon (†) Team leader/main developer,
Internal ballistic formalisms & algorithms,
programming of the GUI & server applications,
Website & programming,
Project management,
GRT-Laboratory (DE),
Powder-Model development
Charlie Sears GRT-Laboratory (US),
Powder-Model development,
GRT debugging,
Website debugging,
Ballistic measurements
Alliwyn (Peregrine Bullets) Bullet friction research
Barney,Andi Concepts for user interface, development, management and support of the subproject “Universal Bullet Classification Scheme” (UBCS)
Casper Nienaber project relations, ballistic measurements for powder model development
DerMozart (Johannes) Head of distribution and Community Management
Hackstock (Stefan) Database tools, data acquisition, software-based data evaluation
Hannes Support in the development of mathematical models
Heiko Java API Programming for Core Services
John Perry GRT-Laboratory (US):
Professional detailed propellant pictures
Johannes Rapprich Vector graphic toolbar icons
Lukáš Souček (Explosia) Lovex laboratory data
Afrikaans Alliwyn (Peregrine Bullets)
Czech Lukáš Souček (Explosia)
Dutch John (mus)
French Matthieu Gouey
Italian Armando Fabbian
Polish Wozzi
Russian Boris Trubachev (rusniper), Yuriy (Numbat)
Ukrainian Mykola Hryhoryan
  • Ausbilder (Christian Kasparek) - https://www.ausbildung-bds.de/
  • Berni84
  • cox (Ralf)
  • Darkness (Tassilo)
  • Estragon78
  • FiberMan
  • Flojoe
  • Fritz109
  • Hunter19
  • in Glock we trust
  • JoHo (Joachim)
  • Kustus
  • MasterToSch
  • Mfg
  • M.Hopeman
  • cox (Ralf)
  • michi6383 (Michael)
  • Nukular (Klaus)
  • pgj (Peter)
  • Raik
  • ruiz124
  • scorpac
  • shkrauh
  • SintoraZ (Dominik)
  • SRM (Sirko)
  • Stefan
  • test85 (Constantin)
  • torsi
  • WiederladerTV (Markus)
  • Wolverine
  • Veerplant (Sören)
  • zottelhase (Markus)

..and many helpers and supporters more!

Our thanks goes to Marc from |"Let`s Shoot Show" for supporting and making available the communication possibilities on his Discord server, as well as to Markus from WiederladerTV for promotion and support!

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