User manual & Handbook

This is the documentation and the user-manual for the inner-ballistic simulation software “Gordons Reloading Tool”, in short “GRT”.

Please do read carefully, before using this software!

The Gordons Reloading Tool “GRT” is a software for handloaders and ammunition designers. It simulates combustion characterisics, pressures and bullet speeds through ballistic parameters and formulas.

GRT's purpose is to provide additional means to develop loads for handloaders and ammunition designers and to avoid excessive loads, weapons disintegration/fragmentation and/or injuries.

The most important features

  • Individual loading data
  • Bullet database
  • Propellant database
  • Calibre specifications according to CIP standard incl. automatically generated drawings
  • Download & view official caliber specification documents
  • Individual report output of the calculation results incl. printing
  • Convert units and set individually
  • Inspector for detection of input errors
  • Quick help for input fields
  • Input wizards
  • Loading ladder incl. simultaneous display in diagram, interactive
  • Automatic recoil and impulse calculation
  • Powder comparison tables
  • Parametric powder search
  • Generic tolerance synthesis of charges
  • Cross-sectional area calculation of barrels
  • Black powder calculator
  • Saving notes, images or other data in the load file
  • Shot group analysis
  • Automated tool for Optimal Barrel Time (OBT)
  • PressureTrace II support: Display of pressure curve as overlay via simulation
  • Caldwell, LabRadar, MagnetoSpeed, and ProChrono imports


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