File format: Simulation Results ( *.xml )

The simulation result file is a file formatted in the universal exchange format XML.

Load the file into a text editor to see the value descriptions. Each value has the attribute “descr” in which a short description is stored.

  • Strings are entered in plain text or URL encoded.
  • Number values are indicated with the dot “.” as decimal separator.
  • Multiple simulation result entries are possible by multiple presence of the block <InnerBallistikResult>.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>

    <BurnoutInBarrel value="true" unit="" type="boolean" descr="flag is true if burnout ends in the barrel" />
    <MaxPressure value="3425.2889360089803" unit="bar" type="decimal" descr="maximum peak pressure" />
    <PointIdxBurnedEnergy95 value="740" unit="index" type="integer" descr="point index of effective 95% amount energy transfer" />
    <PointIdxBurnout value="2077" unit="index" type="integer" descr="point index of burnout" />
    <PointIdxPmax value="132" unit="index" type="integer" descr="point index max peak pressure" />
    <PointIdxZ1 value="115" unit="index" type="integer" descr="point index Z1 position of progressive to degressive combustion" />
    <z value="1" unit="" type="decimal" descr="amount of burned propellant, 1=100%" />
    <EndEnergy value="3990.7852079488966" unit="joule" type="decimal" descr="projectile energy at the muzzle" />
    <EndPressure value="461.69285453629368" unit="bar" type="decimal" descr="pressure at the muzzle" />
    <EndVelocity value="851.20832757070048" unit="m/s" type="decimal" descr="velocity at the muzzle" />
    <EndTime value="1.464324275006306" unit="ms" type="decimal" descr="projectile travel time at the muzzle" />
    <Ekin value="4543" unit="joule" type="integer" descr="theoretical kinetic energy of the projectile without losses" />
    <Eprop value="0" unit="joule" type="integer" descr="theoretical energy content of the total propellant" />

      <def name="x" unit="mm" type="decimal" descr="pressure diagram position" />
      <def name="xp" unit="mm" type="decimal" descr="corrected projectile diagram position" />
      <def name="z" unit="" type="decimal" descr="amount of burned propellant, 1=100%" />
      <def name="p" unit="bar" type="decimal" descr="combustion pressure" />
      <def name="v" unit="m/s" type="decimal" descr="projectile velocity" />
      <def name="t" unit="ms" type="decimal" descr="time" />

      <point idx="0" x="0" xp="0" z="0" p="299.02447646591941" v="0" e="0" t="0" />
      <point idx="1" x="0.322488388431654" xp="0" z="0.00552976188127" p="367.84494034670433" v="8.851018308049309" e="0.431492353942898" t="0" />
      <point idx="2" x="0.644976776863308" xp="0" z="0.011044113531568" p="443.72990103322951" v="13.202713355089836" e="0.960092362797724" t="0.036435173582047" />

      <point idx="2186" x="739.46587467379561" xp="0" z="1" p="461.69285453629368" v="851.20832757070048" e="3990.7852079488966" t="1.463566555942744" />


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