Please note: This is the last stable version released by Gordon in 2021. The application will not be further developed!


  • NEVER mix program files from different versions (program files, databases, etc.)!
  • The configuration “GordonsReloadingTool.cfg” and load files “*.grtload” can be kept (downward compatible).
  • When creating your own loads ALWAYS measure and enter fired case volume and the bullet length!
  • READ all hint windows, don't just click away! ;-)
  • GRT is not QL, QL has a different interior ballistic model! The results can be similar, but may differ significantly. Real values and no software comparisons are decisive.
  • QL load files can be imported, but the powder data from QL is INCOMPATIBLE being for the reasons mentioned above!
  • Always create new/update with components from the GRT database, otherwise you get WRONG results!


  • Download the GRT archive
  • EXTRACT the downloaded archive into your user folder, onto a usb stick or something else you want and where you allowed to run applications from (on windows NOT on the desktop!)
  • read the manual/documentation and installation instructions, located in the folder /doku/pdf/
  • done, start GRT

For the changes see CHANGELOG.TXT inside the GRT folder

How to update to a newer GRT version?

How accurate is the simulation?

  • (currently none)

IMPORTANT: Make sure that you download the archive completely, otherwise you will get an error if you try to extract.


Recommended: Linux Mint 20.x 64 Bit, please read LINUX-INSTALL.TXT

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