Black Powder Calculator

Internal ballistic simulation calculations with black powder are unknown / nonexistent, therefore only rough estimates can be made. The black powder calculator provides the functions for estimating the muzzle velocity.

The equations for estimation are a further development of the calculation bases presented by Don Miller in the magazine “Black Powder Cartridge News” #76 (2011, pp. 27-30). The GRT further development of the respective equations includes an adjustment of the factors on the basis of own measurements, including additional bullet variants and black powder varieties.

  • Formula
    Here you select the equation to be used.
  • Powder type
    Here you select the used black powder.
  • Barrel length
    Enter the length of the barrel in inches here.
  • Projectile weight
    Enter the bullet weight in grain here.
  • Projectile type
    Select the projectile type used here. For example, it is also permissible to set a minié bullet or a round bullet for a black powder cartridge.
  • Powder charge
    Enter your powder charge in grain here.

The calculation takes place automatically after changing a parameter.

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