Shot group analysis

The shot group analysis is a tool for the analysis of hits on targets.

Shot Group Analysis is available as Tab with direct reference to the loading file (*.grtload), or alternatively as a separate tool for the independent Analysis of groups of shots on a target image. A shot group tab will be stored in the loading file (*.grtload), as all other Tabs of the result field

The separate shot group analysis is available via the Toolbar/Symbol bar

The usage is the same, but the shot group analysis can be loaded and stored as a separate file. You can also use it to save groups of shots from a saved grtload file and save it as a separate shot group file. The separate tool is independent of your current load file (*.grtload).

A picture of a target with the bullet holes serves as the basis for this shot group analysis. The image should be of sufficient size. The larger the resolution of the image, the better is the accuracy with which the distances can be measured later.

To add an image, drag & drop an image file onto the free space, or select the corresponding menu item from the context menu (right click).

Zoom In/Out

Use the mouse wheel to enlarge or reduce the image view/zoom. As long as an open hand appears as mouse pointer, you can move the image or later also individual elements.

1. Reference Distance

At first specify a reference distance, e.g. the distance between the elements of a target-circle or a target-grid. To do so, click on the list entry “Reference distance”. A short instruction appears at the top of the screen to set the reference distance.

2. Shooting Distance

Second specify the shooting distance.

3. Groups & Hits

Then click on the “(+) Group” button to add a new shot group. You can add multiple groups if needed.

Click on the “(+) Shot” button to add a shot point to a group.

Click and drag the point to a hit in the image. As a rule, the size of the hit point is the projectile diameter by default, but you can resize the diameter of the points by holding down the CTRL key and turning the mouse wheel. Follow the short instructions at the top of the screen.


Click the “(+) note” button to add a group note. The group note can be positioned freely by clicking and dragging. A click on the button “edit”, or a double click on a note in the shot group picture opens the note editor. In the note editor you have the possibility to insert placeholders (pragmas) for the calculated values of the group.


After expanding “Options” you can enable or disable various options.


The statistics of the hits are displayed next to the group. It can be moved with the mouse.

ES (Maximum) Maximum hit distance (ES = Extreme Spread)
SD (Variation) Variation/Standard Deviation of the hits (SD = Standard Deviation)
Minimum Smallest distance between hits
Mean Mean distance between hits
Width Width of the whole group over centres of hits
Height Height of the whole group over the centre of the hits
Deviation POA Deviation of the point of aim from the weighted center of the group (POA = Point Of Aim)

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