We designed and consider the main menu mostly self-explanatory, so only the toolbar icons are explained here in greater detail:

The toolbar is used to select the most frequently used functions and is located below the main menu.

Let the mouse hoover over an icon for a short description of its function. All icon functions are also available through the main menu.

file functions

(Functions from the “File” menu)

  • Create New File (Loading Data)
  • Load/open existing file in new tab
  • Load/open an existing file in a completely new window
  • Reread current file, unsaved changes will be discarded
  • Save current file
  • Save current file under a (new) name

Functions for the current file (Loading Data)

(Functions from the “Loading data” menu)

  • Open the PDF document provided by the standardization organization (e.g. CIP).
    • Note that PDF documents are only downloaded from the organization's website (after manual confirmation) if the document has not been already downloaded in the past and stored locally.
    • Once you have downloaded/displayed the pdf document, it will be stored in the folder /pdf in the GRT program directory and will be available the next time you call it up.
  • Open the large view of the cartridge drawing. The cartridge drawing shows the original specification including all original dimensions.
  • Results-Report open (printout and customization possible).

General tools


The standard toolbar icons are followed by the icons of the plugins in theyr load order.

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