Overview Expert Mode

In expert mode, all input parameters/options are displayed in separate input windows.

Each input window provides and/or displays all detailed value entries, such as all powder-specific coefficients and constants. In addition, the cartridge drawing of the original (CIP-) caliber specification including all dimensions is visible in a separate window.

Use the buttons with the magnifying glass to select or search for calibre, bullet and propellant powder.

Input fields in which you can enter or change values are marked with a small pen symbol. Click in the input field to edit a value. If you made a mistake and want to restore the original value, press the key ESC, or for a step-by-step undo, press the key combination Ctrl-Z. To confirm the entered value, you can click outside the input field or press the ENTER/RETURN key.

A small ruler symbol is located to the right of the edge of a field. By clicking on this symbol, you can switch the displayed units. The setting made is saved and therefore remains in this position.

Note: If the window is too small to display all list entries, a scroll bar appears that can hide the icon. You can resize the columns at the top to make them visible again.

The yellow star indicates that an input assistant is available for the current and any subsequent associated values (see paragraph “Tools & Assistants” at the main page).

Automatic Refresh

As soon as you have accepted/changed a value, a new simulation calculation is automatically performed and displayed in the output window.

⇒ More detailed information and important notes on the input fields and the values to be entered can be found in chapter Input fields & values.

The cartridge drawing in the area of the input window shows the original specification incl. all original dimensions in reduced view.

In the upper right corner you will find two symbols. The upper one opens the large view of the drawing in a separate window. The lower (PDF symbol) is the PDF document provided by the standardization organization (e.g. CIP).

Note that the PDF documents are only (automatically) downloaded from the organization's website if the document has not yet been cached locally.

Once you have downloaded/displayed the document, it will be stored in the folder /pdf in the GRT program directory and will be available the next time you call it up.

In the output window the simulation results as well as helpful additional information are displayed. Safety instructions & error messages also appear here if the input parameters appear implausible, wrong or dangerous to the program.

  • Do not blindly rely on error messages! It is possible to enter nonsensical values that lead to wrong results!
  • Therefore, check your entries several times.
  • Measure it! e.g. case volume and bullet length from the database are average values. They vary from manufacturer, lot and in case of used cases also by the weapon used and processing of the case.

⇒ A detailed description of the output window can be found in chapterResult & output field].

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