An internal ballistics (IB) program has the potential to remove a lot of guess work and can be an invaluable tool for reloaders. A private initiative was started. Initially out of pure interest, the author (Gordon) of GORDONS RELOADING CHANNEL decided to deal with the topic of interior ballistic simulation calculation and to develop his own software after studying the relevant literature. Experience in thermodynamics, physics and also software development from his professional career were helpful. The author built a development team from a couple of reloading/programming enthusiasts, and created an IB program called Gordon’s Reloading Tool, GRT for short. GRT is supplied for free, community supported, and is a cross platform application.

After the dry reading, many examples were first reproduced, tried out and implemented in evaluation software. The algorithms could then be better understood and extended bit by bit. Through the development of a comprehensive formalism, all possibilities were now open.

The GRT is the result of this research, study and work on the interior ballistic calculation on the basis of a mathematical simulation model - not to forget also thanks to the numerous data collectors, sponsors of the measurement data and the testers who participate in this project.

The commercially available software “QuickLoad” was our standard. We support and respect the outstanding work of Mr. Brömel with his software.

We still have many ideas for the GRT. Our intention was and is not only to create an alternative, but also a platform that can grow by a community.

From our point of view, in-ballistic simulation software is an important, supplementary tool which, when used correctly, can increase safety and reduce the risk of “blowing yourself up” and/or others. In this respect, an alternative from our point of view is an enrichment for reloaders.

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